Kitty Millet's New Book

Monday, August 15, 2016
Millet book cover

The Victims of Slavery, Colonization and the Holocaust provides a sophisticated investigation into the experience of being exterminated, as felt by victims of the Holocaust.  It also compares and contrasts this with the experiences of people who have been colonised or enslaved.

Using numerous victim accounts and a wide range of primary sources, this book moves away from the 'continuity thesis', which regularly conflates and oversimplifies studies of the Holocaust in relation to other historical examples of mass political violence, to look at the victim experience on its own terms. By affording each constituent case study its own distinctive aspects, The Victims of Slavery, Colonization and the Holocaust allows for a more enriching comparison of victim experience to be made. It is an important, innovative volume for all students of the Holocaust, genocide and the history of mass political violence.

For more information, visit the Bloomsbury Publishing website.