The Making of Megillat Esther

Event Date: Sunday, February 21 - 2:00 pm
Queen Esther art in black and white

This program is presented by the Jewish Community Library and co-sponsored by the SFSU Department of Jewish Studies.

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Conceived in a cornfield in upstate New York, Megillat Esther is the groundbreaking graphic novel adaptation of the Book of Esther published in 2005 by the Jewish Publication Society. Author and illustrator JT Waldman will present a behind-the-scenes look at the research, design, and production of this unique bi-directional graphic novel. Learn more about how the synergy of text and image make comics a powerful tool to explore visual midrash.

JT Waldman lives with his partner, kid, and dog in an old house on the edge of Philadelphia surrounded by trees. They are often visited by deer, box turtles, a fox, and a groundhog named Gretchen.