Vered Weiss, "Juda, Judaism, and Vampirism"

Event Date: Monday, December 2 - 12:30 pm
Location: Humanities Building, Room 415
Juda poster with three people

As part of the Department of Jewish Studies's "We're Still Writing" series, Prof. Vered Weiss will present her work in progress, "Juda, Judaism, and Vampirism." Lunch will be served.

Prof. Weiss discusses the use of horror and fantasy in Israeli television as a means to reconsider social boundaries and convey social critique. Specifically, she examines Juda, the 2016 television series, as a platform for social critique and expose the ways in which it probes Jewish Israeli national, religious and gender identities.

Watch the trailer for the Israeli TV show Juda.

Prof. Vered Weiss is the Israel Institute Teaching Fellow in the Department of Jewish Studies at SF State. Prof. Weiss earned her master's degree in Comparative and World Literature from SF State and her doctorate from comparative literature from University of Kent, Canterbury. Prof. Weiss’ areas of interest include Israeli and British literature and culture, myths, Gothic, horror and fantasy.